High Tech - made in Germany
WORLD FIRST - the weatronic transmitter sticks
weatronic keeps with the "made by pilots - made for pilots" motto, revealing the brand new gimbal design on the BAT 60 radio. We didn't just copy existing designs, our German engineers even designed a completely new mechanically solution that matches the philosophy of the company perfectly.

From now on weatronic users will have the possibility and the opportunity
to implemented stick behaviors and characteristics which simply didn't existed until now.

Here are the facts:

  • Best Quality "Made in Germany"
  • nine ball bearings sticks
  • wear-free thanks to hall sensors
  • adjustable reseting force characteristics of each stick axis individually
  • innovative gas-brake handle adjustment
  • reseting forces can be set by a spring in 8 steps from soft to hard

  Again, like the "function" concept instead of the old "channel" thinking, the
  mechanics suites just fine to the pilot's demands. The characteristic of
  each axis is controlled by small plastic discs ("slices") which can be
  changed very easy and user friendly by only one screw.

There are 8 different behaviors available, for example a smooth slide,
a ratchet, with or without a center marking or a combination which then results to an completely new gas-brake concept.

Different stick lengths and of course switches or/and encoder functions on the top of the sticks will be available.

"Feedback parts"

Here is an overview about the possible characteristics and about the different feedback parts.



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