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 Voice output 2.0 - Update 

  New features are implemented in the new weatronic software update 6.03. Extensive voice-output, WiFi (public beta version), Vario sound and sensor configuration are only a few samples. Software downloads 


AMA Expo Ontario CA
We are successful introducing the new BAT 60 handheld transmitter at the 2015 AMA Expo in Ontario California. Thank you to all the hobby enthusiast for visiting our booth.


  New weatronic booklet
     Have a look at our new product info and be amazed by all the possibilities and
     technical features.
weatronic booklet

BAT 64 cases arrived

The first batch of the serial production cases of the BAT 64 arrived at weatronic. Now we can do final testing and also we are going to contact the pilots who pre-ordered.

 Toni Clark and weatronic
  Since founding in 1970, Toni Clark Practical Scale GmbH has become an institution
   in the world of Model Aircraft manufacturers, is well known for first class scale
                                    models and accessories, as well as high quality model aircraft engines. The
                                    products of weatronic are now added to the list.


Fair "Faszination Modelling", Germany

We want to say thank you for all the great feedback and your visit on our booth in
Friedrichshafen. Pictures

  Video review of the BAT 60
     The first video review was made of modellpilot.eu. See his introduction of the
      hardware and software here (free of charge as a guest member)


Launch of the BAT 60

we are happy for the official launch of our new hand-held transmitter BAT 60. On time to the company’s 10th anniversary all model makers are welcome in the innovation paradise. From now on there is no limit for channels or predetermined structures. Up to 96 (!) free configurable functions could directly control up to 64 servos, 32 virtual switches, 16 flight phases, 96 limiters and 96 mixers together with other highlights make all your dreams come true. Other solutions as for example screenshots and a complete model management with copy, edit and export of models are the results of our long lasting practical experience. As a leader in reliable data-communication our bidirectional redundant transmission system, the flight-controller separated from the Linux processor as well as the intelligent battery management speak for themselves. Yet another highlight of this transmitter is the new stick design meeting all the possible requirements of model makers including the novel gas/braking lever solution. Those taking a closer look at the solutions will understand why the development took that much longer than planned. Hopefully it could be accepted that even more software functions like data recording, voice output and an even more sophisticated telemetry data readout will be updated soon. The whole scope of the new transmitter’s potential powers the creativity and opens totally new prospects to every model maker.  Further information


  BAT 60 User Manual
     Finally the user manual for the new hand-held transmitter BAT 60 is available.
     Check out the brand new and innovative programming philosophy and get a first
User Manual

BAT 64 - Price announcement
The new tray type BAT 64 will feature 28 control inputs and the new design including the switch and slider allignment got finalized by experienced pilots. It will come inside a transport aluminium-case, a wall adapter and a cross-belt for only 1799,- €. In addition the radio will be available in 3 different color schemes. More information

BAT 60 software simulation
    Experience it before buying it! weatronic now offers a simulation of the BAT 60
    transmitter software. How easy is the configuration of a new model? Is the structure logical and understandable? Can I configure all my models according to my needs and maybe even more than that? The simulation invites you to check all these questions. To the simulation


International German Formation Masters
"England first - second Germany" That's the result after a great weekend in Müllheim. Fantastic flights with sunny weather offered best surroundings
for all teams. Congratulations to all pilots! 1st place Reds Duo, 2nd place
Horizon Jet-Team, 3rd place Horizon Display Team. Pictures

  Glider Fair Schwabmünchen
  Best weather like last year garanteed a lot of visitors. They saw beautiful shows
  and a big night flight event. Pictures

Flying Circus in Fiss, Austria
Because of the weather this event took place at the model airfield of Fiss. Nevertheless
it was a great and successful weekend for everyone - also with fantastic big glider.

  New Booklet
     We redesigned our booklet just right before the start of our new transmitter. Now
     you will find the weatronic philosophy as well as our special features, the products
     and pictures with statements of successful pilots.

     Booklet (only German - English is coming soon)

Cross Country in Californien
Cross Country – a dream of most pilots. Since XC-Soaring is mostly an American turnament it is almost impossible to fly a competition anywhere else than in the US.
Link to the report of Philip Kolb


  "Stream your flight-data!"
From now on weatronic offers a new possibility, called "Listen Module" to live view
                                      all the flight data, mainly telemetry values on a large screen or on other devices.
Read more

 weatronic SkyNavi App
weatronic offers THE new highlight for the GPS - triangle race pilots. It is called "SkyNavi" and it is made for iPad® users. The new version features all the proven Skynavi options and guides the user perfectly to adjust all settings quite easy.
More information

  BAT 60 with a build in Wi-Fi module
     In addition to the large, capacitive 5-inch touch screen display now each 
     transmitter comes with a build in Wi-Fi module. The old times where programming
     someone’s models was difficult are over. Read more

Challenge BAT 60

weatronic is facing the challenge of enormous flexibility and highly sophisticated possibilities. Developing the company’s first handheld radio BAT 60 is truly a new step. Read more here
 Toy Fair in Nuremberg
   We want to say thank you to all visitors for the most successful trade fair in
                                    Nuremberg. With a
new occurrence we presented the new BAT 60.
                                    Here are some pictures

Choose weatronic®
The top 5 reasons  to change! weatronic® - your specialist in 2.4 GHz

  weatronic in Austria

    We are proud to introduce our new distributor in Austria. Modellbau Lindinger will 
    be the reliable and the best local contact for all weatronic customer and dealer in
                                     the nice country of Austria.

Revolutionary stick design
The world’s first innovative stick design with 9 ball bearing, non-wearing hall sensors and a very clever concept of interchangeable feedback parts. Read more

weatronic meets the Lake Constance
    In the nice city Friedrichshafen at the Lake Constance the BAT 60 showed up with
    the "first view". An amazing exhibition gave us the possibility to introduce our
    innovative ideas and solutions, which were really appreciated by the modelers.
    Thanks a lot! Pictures


Congrats to the new German Champion
Lutz Scholl (1st place, class FSR O 7.5), Stefan Wigora (1st place, class FSRO 27 and 3rd place in the classFSR O 15) and Britta Wigora (3rd place in the class FSR V 15). All best wishes to the successful race pilots and the Team. Be fast with weatronic... more Winners   

  JetPower 2013 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany

      Internationales public, great flights and many visitors. JetPower 2013 - a big event in
     Germany. In spite of bad weather. Pictures and more...   


swap offer by weatronic

Who still owns a DV3 transmitter module can now swap it against the DV4 module for a small charge - until the end of the year. This enables all the new features of the latest available GigaControl software, like the English voice output on up to 3 levels and a better handling of the push buttons.
more details...


Jet World Masters 2013 Switzerland

    Congratulation and thanks to all teams of the Jet WM 2013 in Meiringen,
    Switzerland! It was a great event with 18 nations and an impressive scenery.
    Winner class 20 Kg Vitaly Robertus (RUS), winner class 13,5 Kg Philip Avons (BEL),
winner Team is Germany. We are looking forward to the next Jet WM 2015 in Germany.
Pictures and more...


weatronic Android APP

Get the new weatronic App NOW on Google Play Store. All flight data is transferred to your Android systems of 2.2 or higher by wireless Bluetooth connection. more details...

GigaControl Update - Innovation pur
     weatronic sticks to its innovative image. Even though the previous versions of GigaControl were known as a very sophisticated tool, weatronic now caps it all off with the new update. The new Speech-Output on 3 levels, a Big-Display with up to 10 values ​​or the check-up of all recorded flight data (“Black Box”). Every feature let your heart beat faster. more infos...

Airliner Meeting Oppingen - Impressions

With great flights and fascinating shows of high-profile pilots ended the very good visited airliner meeting in Oppingen. Accompanied by weatronic® workshops and lots of background information. Pictures here

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Next event
ttended by weatronic!

27.03. - 29.03.2015
in Wels/ Austria

David Gladwin, Pilot - England

English Voice Output!

Create your own co-pilot! weatronic offers up to 3 customizable modes. Proffessional, innovativ and safe. More...


Be surprised by our new transmitters!
Presentation of the new transmitter BAT 60 on the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, January 2014

Upgrade to our reliable 2.4 Dual FHSS RC system!

Modification set's with all conversion parts

  •      Transmitter module DV 4
  •      adapter Module
  •      adapter fungus
  •      fastener
  •      patch cables
  •      dual receiver Clever 6

from 238.00