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New benchmarks in Toledo, Ohio!
Deeply impressed of up to 96 functions (former channels) and all the other features many customers speak of new benchmarks for the RC world. Impressions

  Official launch of the BAT 64

    Integrated Linux PC, up to 96 functions (former known as channels), built-in sequencer, WiFi and GPS as standard, battery management and highest transmission reliability are the new benchmark for RC-transmitters. Finally the portfolio of weatronic reached the next step.

The F3J class in Northern Cyprus was dominated by the weatronic technology. Congratulations for the 1st place to Reinhard Vallant, 2nd place Philip Kolb - both with a BAT 60. Ivan Burdanov became Champion of the Juniors (with a weatronic DV4 module).

  BAT 60 / BAT 64 User Manual
  Finally the user manual for the new hand-held transmitter BAT 60 and BAT 64 is
  available. Check out the brand new and innovative programming philosophy and
User Manual

Video review of the BAT 60 Part 2

"Configuration and flight experience" is the second part of the video review made of modellpilot.eu. This part is also free of charge as a guest member. See Stephans experience with the BAT 60. Video here

 Voice output 2.0 - Update

  New features are implemented in the new weatronic software update 6.03. Extensive voice-output, WiFi (public beta version), Vario sound and sensor configuration are only a few samples. Software downloads 


AMA Expo Ontario CA
We are successful introducing the new BAT 60 handheld transmitter at the 2015 AMA Expo in Ontario California. Thank you to all the hobby enthusiast for visiting our booth.


 Toni Clark and weatronic
  Since founding in 1970, Toni Clark Practical Scale GmbH has become an institution
   in the world of Model Aircraft manufacturers, is well known for first class scale
                                    models and accessories, as well as high quality model aircraft engines. The
                                    products of weatronic are now added to the list.


Launch of the BAT 60

we are happy for the official launch of our new hand-held transmitter BAT 60. On time to the company’s 10th anniversary all model makers are welcome in the innovation paradise. From now on there is no limit for channels or predetermined structures. Up to 96 (!) free configurable functions could directly control up to 64 servos, 32 virtual switches, 16 flight phases, 96 limiters and 96 mixers together with other highlights make all your dreams come true. Other solutions as for example screenshots and a complete model management with copy, edit and export of models are the results of our long lasting practical experience. As a leader in reliable data-communication our bidirectional redundant transmission system, the flight-controller separated from the Linux processor as well as the intelligent battery management speak for themselves. Yet another highlight of this transmitter is the new stick design meeting all the possible requirements of model makers including the novel gas/braking lever solution. Those taking a closer look at the solutions will understand why the development took that much longer than planned. Hopefully it could be accepted that even more software functions like data recording, voice output and an even more sophisticated telemetry data readout will be updated soon. The whole scope of the new transmitter’s potential powers the creativity and opens totally new prospects to every model maker.  Further information


BAT 64 - Price announcement
The new tray type BAT 64 will feature 28 control inputs and the new design including the switch and slider allignment got finalized by experienced pilots. It will come inside a transport aluminium-case, a wall adapter and a cross-belt for only 1799,- €. In addition the radio will be available in 3 different color schemes. More information

BAT 60 software simulation
    Experience it before buying it! weatronic now offers a simulation of the BAT 60
    transmitter software. How easy is the configuration of a new model? Is the structure logical and understandable? Can I configure all my models according to my needs and maybe even more than that? The simulation invites you to check all these questions. To the simulation


weatronic SkyNavi App

weatronic offers THE new highlight for the GPS - triangle race pilots. It is called "SkyNavi" and it is made for iPad® users. The new version features all the proven Skynavi options and guides the user perfectly to adjust all settings quite easy.
More information

Revolutionary stick design
    The world’s first innovative stick design with 9 ball bearing, non-wearing hall
    sensors and a very clever concept of interchangeable feedback parts. Read more


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David Gladwin, Pilot - England


Be surprised by our new transmitters!
Presentation of the new transmitter BAT 60 on the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, January 2014

Upgrade to our reliable 2.4 Dual FHSS RC system!

Modification set's with all conversion parts

  •      Transmitter module DV 4
  •      adapter Module
  •      adapter fungus
  •      fastener
  •      patch cables
  •      dual receiver Clever 6

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