High Tech - made in Germany

Wildau, 13.04.2016

On 01.04.2016 PowerBox Systems GmbH, the German electronics manufacturer based at Donauwörth, took over the insolvent company of weatronic GmbH.

The media picked up the news, and many modellers now have high expectations of the take-over. One crucial factor in the company’s commitment to weatronic was the expansion of the existing range of products with a high-quality radio control system.


After the acquisition of weatronic GmbH, which took effect on 1.4.2016, PowerBox Systems sent a team of electronics experts and business managers to Berlin - Wildau with the aim of gaining a deeper insight into the company’s fundamental technical and commercial situation. After a comprehensive inspection of the inventory, and intensive discussions with weatronic staff members, the team reluctantly came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to continue production of weatronic products seamlessly until a thorough revision of all the company structures had been carried out.


For this reason PowerBox Systems is to carry out a review of the entire product range as swiftly as possible. Understandably it is not possible at present to state an exact date for a relaunch.


Servicing arrangements for weatronic products will now cease for organisational and liability reasons. Attempts are being made to find an external partner who will assume distribution of those genuine weatronic receivers and accessories currently in stock.

PowerBox Systems deeply regrets the necessity for this decision.