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hand-held transmitter BAT 60

If you talk about innovation and the latest and greatest transmission technology, weatronic radios set the benchmark to the highest level. Not only significant safety features from general aviation but also the results and handy solutions discovered during airfield testing are taken into account. The appealing design, intuitive usability and not the least the technical highlights are merging and forming this next generation transmitter.

Solutions for profesional modelers:

  • Bidirectional, redundant transmission with 2 integrated patch antennas provides huge operation distance of more than 3 miles (unobstructed view).
  • The intelligent battery management - one more safety feature:
    • 4 lithium-ion cells (3,000 mAh each) handled by the integrated charger with overload protection, also the
    • temperature and current of each single cell is monitored.
    • on power up randomly 3 cells are switched parallel to maintain the main power source, the remaining one is used as reserve.
    • Charge your BAT even during operation, just apply between 10 and 19 Volts.
  • Seperated flight-controller and Linux-computer - this seperation is just a safety must-have and provides additional trust for the user.
  • Built in Wifi capability is is providing the possibility to mirror the interface on every external browser.
  • weatronic is proud to present this innovative stick design to you:
    • 9 ball bearings in each stick, wear-free magnetic “Hall-Sensors” with 12-Bit resolution (4096 steps)
    • Customize each axis to your personal needs, the feedback parts are so easy to interchange and are
    • providing 8 different stick characteristics. The Spring force is adjustable as well.
    • Innovative stick design - a revolutionary new “throttle/brake” concept.

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Main features of the handheld radio BAT 60:

  • 22 Physical controls are monitoring up to 64 servos, which allows almost unlimited functions
  • 96 Functions, which are the same like the former known “channels”
  • Extra large 5" capacitive color touch screen ensures good visibility and operability
    Recording of ALL relevant flight data allows to check the model setup or to concrete error analysis
  • Freely configurable voice output over three modes via built-in speakers or via headphones
  • Use of all available 80 hopping frequencies inside the 2.4GHz band
  • Very fast data transmission of 100 frames per second
  • Internal GPS provides precise registration of the world time and allows the exact positioning of the model (if equipped with GPS module) on the ground and during flight ("Look and Find" function)
  • External connectors on the front page are protected against mechanical stresses and environmental conditions (2 USB ports, stereo headphone jack, microSD card slot, connection for PPM signal and USB mini B port)
  • Elegant teacher-student operating wirelessly or via PPM signal
  • Various stick lengths - stick with switches and encoders are available
  • High quality - for example, each RF module is individually tested before use (transmit and receive performance)
  • Neck strap attachment point centrally located providing perfect balance
  • Rubberised Hand Pads, textured back for a secure grip
  • Fully equipped with 2 three-stage toggle switches, 2 two-stage toggle switches, 4 three-stage rocker switches, 6 digital endless rotary encoders with additional push button function and 4 proportional potentiometers

Approved by the ETSI standard EN 300 328 V1.8.1, including "listen before talk" (LBT)


Programming and adjusting:

Innovation in every detail. The weatronic transmitter family features a separate Flight Micro-Controller in addition to the built-in Linux PC. All transmitter settings and the model are stored in parallel in this controller. Even if you remove the Linux PC during operation the model is fully controllable and all commands are transmitted just like normal - this is maximum reliability for maximum safety. The Linux-PC provides the user interface which lets you configure your model. Beginners will appreciate the ease of use by predefined model functions and the intuitive user interface - professionals admire the individually adjustable curves, and mixer functions.

Examples of the menu structure:



Main features of the user interface:

  • Extra large 5" capacitive color touch screen ensures good visibility
  • Intuitive, easy to use menu navigation
  • Exchangeable Linux-PC - updated any time
  • Simple and logical programming incl. pre-configurated models
  • 96 functions, 96 limiters and up to 32 virtual switches and adjustable alarm thresholds for increased safety
  • Voice output (audible / visual) of all telemetry data, alarm thresholds and limits in German or English via built-in speakers or headphones
  • 16 flightmodes are possible with an allocation of up to 10 flightmodes per model – the perfect setup for every situation and more than enough for every competition pilot
  • Flex Rate, Flex and Flex Expo differential are flightmode dependent and seamlessly adjustable “in-Flight”
  • Helicopter pilots will enjoy flexible swash plate mixer for 3-4 servos, tandem configurations (2 swash plates) and Flybarless and mechanically mixed systems
  • Up to 96 function-mixers, and each one is flightmode dependend
  • Function curves for all functions for each flight phase (33 points)
  • Control of the last used model within just a few seconds after switching on the transmitter
  • Transfer of single or multiple windows on external WiFi-enabled devices (phone, laptop, tablet, PC, etc.) offers maximum input comfort
  • Recording of all relevant flight data guarantees post flight analysis of each flight for optimization or analysis of errors


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            Issue 06/2013

Technical data:

  • Transmission: adaptive frequency hopping operation with “listen before talk” function
  • hopping-frequencies: 80
  • hopping-speed: 100 Hz
  • antennas: 2 x patch antennas (angle of radiation > 180°)
  • 4 Li-Ion batteries à 3000 mAh
  • operating- and charging voltage: 10.0 – 19.0 Volt
  • temperature range: -10°C to 60°C / 14 °F to +140 °F (non condensing)
  • dimensions: 218 x 195 x 55mm / 8.7 x 7.9 x 1.9”


Tray for the handheld BAT 60 (see www.carbonpult.de):



Tray for the hand-held BAT 60 (see www.mb-modelltechnik.com):